Community Supported Agriculture

Join us for our 10th growing season!

Become a member of the Bells Bend Farms CSA and pick up our chemical-free vegetables during the May - December growing season.  While we work hard to grow you the healthiest, freshest food available, you are building a local food economy and helping to preserve Nashville’s endangered farmland.  Our farm is only 15 minutes from most Nashville neighborhoods, but on some of the areas last remaining, high quality farmland.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutual commitment between a farm and a community of supporters, providing a direct link between the people who grow food and the people who eat it. CSA members cover an integral part of the farm's annual operating budget by purchasing a share of the season's harvest before it is grown. In this way, CSA members commit to support the farm throughout the season -- assuming the costs, risks, and potential bounty along with their farmers. Members' payments help cover the cost for seeds, equipment maintenance, labor, etc.  In return the farm supplies, to the best of our ability, a healthy supply of fresh seasonal produce throughout the growing season.

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How it works:

Your farm grows seasonal vegetables, with some flowers, herbs, and fruit mid-May through mid-December.  We deliver the food to your chosen pick up location. You pick up your "share" of the week's harvest and feed yourself, family, and friends sustainably-grown, local food throughout the 30 week season.  

Unlike most CSAs, we offer a "market style" pick up.   Our food is presented on tables at the pick up location and labeled with the amount of each item you can take.  Some weeks you will be choosing "1 bunch of carrots" out of 30 displayed bunches, giving you the opportunity to pick out the bunch of smaller-sized baby carrots to snack on, or the bunch of larger carrots for the week's pot of soup.  The next item may limit "up to 3 lbs of Tomatoes", allowing you to pick the tomatoes you want from a larger selection.  Our CSA members love this feature and we do to!

For the 2019 season, we have some new, creative ways that will provide even more choice in the produce items you take home each week.

Each week, you (and whoever else shares your produce) receive an e-newsletter from your farmers detailing the current week's harvest list, happenings on the farm, pictures, upcoming events, food storage tips, and recipes.

As a shareholder of your farm, you receive free admission to our harvest festivals, square dances, potluck dinners and more! You also receive discounts on bulk orders and other seasonal products.

Share Size:

The amount is 1/2+ bushel in size and includes 7-10+ different items per week depending on the time of year.

We offer Full and Half shares.

The Full Share is picked up weekly at your chosen location. 

The Half Share is picked up bi-weekly at your chosen location.

We allow you to split the Full Share with a friend and alternate weeks instead of purchasing two Half Shares.


How much food is in one share?

A sample share from early July may include:

Carrots - 1 bunch (1.5 lb+)

Lettuce - 1 med-large lettuce head or bag of lettuce mix

Cucumbers and/or Squash - 3-4 (or 2 lbs) - mix and match varieties

Onions, sweet - 2 

Greens bunch - 1 lb choice of Kale, collards, etc.

Tomatoes - up to 2.5 lbs

Garlic - 1 head

Beans or Eggplant - Heirloom, stringless snap beans or up to 2 lbs eggplant

This is enough produce for a small family, a couple that likes to eat a lot of fresh veggies, or an individual who wants an exciting weekly challenge!  Most members of our CSA have no difficulty eating through their weekly share, while others share with friends and neighbors, freeze food for the winter months, make baby food, or juice and blend veggies. 

Here are some seasonal examples of weekly shares from 2017-2018:

Late May Share

Late May Share

June Share

June Share

August Share

August Share

November Share

November Share

Season Length and Pricing

Our main season begins in mid May and ends in early December. 

The growing season is 30 weeks for Full Shareholders or 15 weeks for Half Shareholders.

Payments are due at time of sign up and payment plans are available on the sign up page.

We are working hard towards extending our growing season and may offer a pre-season and post-season share option. Main season members will have first option to join extended season offers.

Pick up Times and Locations

We offer three pickup locations for the 2019 season:


On Farm pick up

  • 4pm - 6pm (we are working on making these times more flexible)

  • 15-20 minutes from most of Nashville, at the main farm barn.

  • Click here for map

12 South (Las Paletas)

  • 4pm - 6pm

  • Right across the street from Sevier Park and the 12 South Farmers' Market, but with better parking options

  • Click here for map


Richland Park Farmers Market

  • 9am - 12pm

  • West Nashville, 15 minutes from our farm

  • Thriving community market with a variety of vendors, music and family fun.

  • Library nearby, playground nearby 

  • Click here for Map


I love the variety of food grown and the length of the CSA season. Both in a CSA year and from year to year we’ve enjoyed a great rotation of food - from leafy greens (mustard greens are the best) to legumes, to roots, squash and fruit, I can honestly say I eat better and healthier during the CSA season. The May-December time frame ensures that we’ll have great food and great value for most of the year.
— Joshua S. and Family, member for 7 years