Each year we partner with our friends at Yazoo Brewery to make the delicious Bells Bend Preservation Ale.  Hops grow on perennial vines and have been used for thousands of years to season beer.  Years ago, we were given an old heirloom variety of hops that is well-suited for the east.  Besides being fit for our climate, these hops make some incredibly tasty beer!

Join Bells Bend Farms and Yazoo Brewery this August for our Hops Pickin' Party where we harvest the crop.

On October 1st, when the beer is ready, we host the Hops Festival and Square Dance.  Always a great time with our friends at Yazoo.  22 oz bottles are sold at the brewery, various grocery stores in Tennessee, and several bars have the seasonal beer on tap.

The Bells Bend Preservation Ale is the result of lots of work from neighbors in our community.  We hope it helps raise awareness about the fragile area in which we farm and the importance of preserving it for current and future generations alike!  Click Here to get involved in protecting the Bells Bend area.

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