Root Crop Bulk Orders

As the cold season arrives, fresh vegetables become scarce!  We have lots of root crops that will store for months and we recommend stocking up now while supplies last!  Radishes, beets, carrots and turnips, store great in the refrigerator, in the plastic bag we deliver them in.  These crops make excellent fermented goods like krauts and are also great shredded into slaws or shredded and pan fried as a hash.  The radishes and turnips have sweetened with the cold weather and are perfect for such shredded dishes or roasted with sweet potatoes and other root crops.  These roots, if stored properly, can last for 2-3 months.  All radishes and turnips are delivered washed and with greens removed for best storage.

Watermelon, White Daikon, and Purple Daikon Radishes

Watermelon, White Daikon, and Purple Daikon Radishes

Sweet potatoes are best stored at room temperature, or anywhere between 60-80 degrees.  If they get too cold, they may turn starchy.  If kept in proper conditions, they may store into April or May.  Gold Nugget is our personal favorite variety.  It is a lighter orange color, "dry" flesh compared to Deep Orange and has been grown in Tennessee for a long time.  Deep Orange is similar to common grocery store types in color and texture.

Follow the instructions below and order away!

1. Place order by 8 am Tuesday Nov. 29 if picking up Tuesday.  If picking up Saturday, place order by 8 am Friday Dec 2.  

2. Fill out order form and choose a pick up location and time.

3. Pick up your order from your chosen location and bring cash or check.

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