100 years ago, it would be difficult to find a farm that raised only animals or grew crops exclusively.  A cow is the only animal that can sustain itself on one acre of land, while producing enough manure to fertilize two acres.  If managed properly, the animals mow our pasture while fertilizing it and produce enough excess fertility to make compost, the soil improver that feeds everything from blackberries to beets on our farm.  

Our ancestors figured out how to mimic the large herds of migrating wild animals, rotating the herds to new pastures while the old fields rest and regrow before the next grazing.  Healthier pastures grow healthier, happier animals.  This makes better quality meat, eggs, and milk, and improves the overall health of the farm as whole.  In only 4 years of practicing this type of rotational grazing, we have noticed great improvements in the health of our pasture, more desirable plant species for grazing, better soil moisture retention, and increased biodiversity as an increasing variety of animal species follow our herds, from Cattle Egrets to Dung Beetles. 

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Grass Fed Beef - American Milking Devon Cattle

Pastured Lamb

Pastured Pork - we sell by the half or whole, reserve yours today! 

Pastured Poultry - We sell whole chickens, ducks, and eggs seasonally

...let this day begin again the change of hogs into people, not the other way around,
for today we celebrate again our lives’ wedding with the world,
for by our hunger, by this provisioning, we renew the bond.
— Wendell Berry