Growing Practices

We believe that costly organic certification is most useful to farms that rely on wholesale marketing and/or farms that ship food to less-local markets.  Because we know and interact with the vast majority of our customers face to face, we enjoy an element of trust and transparency uncommon in today's food system.  We invite our CSA members and others who enjoy our food to visit our farms in person to see exactly how we grow the food they enjoy.  

How We Farm

We do not use any synthetic/chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. It is a fact that synthetic inputs destroy soil life that is necessary for healthy plant growth and it is our belief that this grows food inferior in terms of nutrition, taste, and overall quality.

In fact, we use far fewer organically-approved pesticides and other inputs than most USDA Certified Organic farms.  Some describe our growing practices as "beyond organic", but we believe we just farm the way people did for a long, long time.  If anything, call it "old time farming".

To fertilize our gardens, we use mature, high-quality, Biodynamic compost that we make on-farm from our livestock.  We move our pigs, chickens, sheep, and cattle around our pastures, rotating these fields in and out of cropland to build the best soil we can and grow the best food we can. Insect and disease control comes from the health of the soil. Just as a healthy body fed healthy food easily defends itself from illness, healthy soil grows plants able to withstand insect pressure and disease.

Check out these links to learn more about our farming style:

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If you have any questions about our growing practices, please feel free to contact us!