Bells Bend Farms consists of three properties in the community of Scottsboro/Bells Bend in Northwest Davidson County, Tennessee.  The land we farm is some of the best in our region and the reason Nashville was settled long ago. The farms are only 15 minutes from Nashville, but thanks to the persistent efforts of our local community, we've been able to keep Nashville's last farmland free of unwanted sprawl and development.  With several thousand acres of rich, fertile soil, the Scottsboro/Bells Bend area could potentially provide Nashville with a large percentage of its food, grown locally and sustainably.

Under pressure from developers who have a different vision of our community's future, we are showing that sustainable agriculture creates jobs, improves the land, builds community, and preserves prime farmland, while providing much needed, healthy food to Nashville.  Our farm was created in 2008 as a community effort that shows our areas importance to the city of Nashville.  Though our farm is ever-evolving, we are ever-devoted to protecting the place we call home for current and future generations alike.  More small farms like ours are starting up each year in our community and when you eat the food they grow, you protect one of your cities greatest assets!

We currently market our food through our popular Community Supporting Agriculture (CSA) program, farmers' markets, and many fine dining venues in Nashville.

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